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Easy to Use Brow Wax Strips

Andmetics Brow and Lip Wax Strips

I’ve always loved waxing my eyebrows- I love the clean shape it creates and how my makeup looks and wears afterwards. I much prefer waxing my brows to tweezing them because it is so much faster, you get a really precise line and you are able to remove all the lighter colored hairs that are often hard to see when you’re tweezing.


Back in the day I use to wax my brows and lip myself at home. This quickly became a huge pain-in-the-@$$- I had to set it all up, wait for the wax to warm up, do the waxing, clean up, wait for the wax to cool down and then put it all away. Also I always had a hard time finding the right temperature to wax my lip and would often give myself a rash from it being too hot, or I wouldn’t get it hot enough and the wax wouldn’t remove any hair. After spilling alllllll of my wax one day (yep, that’s real hard to clean up, just FYI) I ditched the at-home brow waxing and switched to tweezing. Then I had kids… and I switched to doing nothing.


You can imagine how excited I was when I met a beautiful Austrian woman working for Andmetics and she gave me samples of their patented Brow and Lip Wax Strips. I was seriously crossing my fingers that they would work and guess what… they do! The Andmetics Brow Wax Strips were so easy to use and totally mess free. After using them my skin felt smooth and soft, my favorite part of waxing my brows! The formulation of the Andmetics Lip Wax Strips seems to be a bit more gentle than the brow strips. I noticed that it was much more gentle at removing the hair, which is perfect for that area on the face and I didn’t experience any kind of rash or reaction, which I normally get when waxing my lip.


I was told by the Andmetic rep that because the wax is so gentle you can immediately apply makeup to the skin with no adverse effect. If you are a professional makeup artist or esthetician you will know that we always tell our bridal clients to not wax within three days of their wedding. The reason being is that waxing typically removes the top layer of skin, leaving it so sleek that it is hard for makeup to adhere to and can often look shiny in pictures. After using the brow wax strips I did apply makeup and it seemed to be just fine! I will also say that I typically get SUPER red after being waxed and my skin looks inflamed for several hours. I took this picture below of my brows five minutes after using the Andmetic strips- not too bad!

5 minutes after using the Andmetics Brow Wax Strips

For professionals, this would be a great tool to keep in your kit for those clients who “didn’t have a chance to do their brows.” I would definitely test them out on yourself first before using on a client so you can get use to how they work and understand the amount of redness that can be expected. For non-professionals, this would be fantastic to use at home and truly is easy enough to do yourself. The best part of these strips might just be the price, only $11.90 per box! The Andmetics Brow Wax Strips comes with FOUR full brow treatments, and the the Andmetics Lip Wax Strips comes with EIGHT lip treatments. Seriously so much bang for your buck! They also offer wax strips for Men’s Eyebrows and Men’s Ears. (For professionals who don’t have/offer waxing services this would be a great add-on to your Men’s haircut services!)

Andmetics in the Press {Photo:}

How to use Andmetics Brow Wax Strips:

  • Cleanse skin

  • Protect skin by applying baby powder or cosmetic powder

  • Separate strips from packaging

  • Position the strips according to packaging instructions

  • (If you attach them incorrectly you can remove them slowly by pulling off in the direction of hair growth.)

  • Tighten your skin and remove wax strips quickly, pulling off in the opposite direction of hair growth

  • Remove wax residue with included calming care wipe.

This product is rad because it:

  • Is fast and easy to use

  • Fits everyone

  • Can also be used as a coloring template for eyebrows

  • Is a Vegan product

  • Is designed and created in Austria

  • Has a great price point

  • Can be used as a service add-on for professionals

Can't wait to hear what you think about this product! Drop me a line and share your thoughts.


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