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Cali Summer Babe: Easy to wear end of summer glam!

Have you ever heard the saying “August is the Sunday of Summer?” So true! It’s getting close to that time of year when the leaves change and we start to layer our clothing (on the Central Coast this means we wear a scarf with our T-Shirts and sandals!) While Fall is just around the corner, there’s still time to sport some fun end-of-summer looks. Recreate this simple “Cali Summer Babe” look by following the steps below and say “Peace Out” to summer in style!

Say "Hey" to my lovely model Coreen! The cutest Kindergarten teacher around! (She's been busy prepping her classroom so this easy look is perfect for her!)

Step One: Gather your hair in a high pony and secure with an elastic. Your pony doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth, a bit of texture is a good thing! For optimal placement, align your pony at a 45 degree angle from the top of your ears.

Step Two: Hold the end of your ponytail straight up and back-comb towards the elastic with a large brush. Using a brush rather than a comb to back-comb will create a more airy texture and less of a knot.

Step Three: One you have a nice fluffy pony, wrap your hair around the elastic to create a full bun and secure with bobby pins. Bobby pin tip: the rigged side of the pin should go against your scalp!

Step Four: Pull a few pieces of hair out around your face for a softer, undone look. You can also pull on the bun to loosen it a bit and create a fuller look.

Step Five: Apply a statement lip! I know a bold lip can be scary to wear on the daily, but when paired with a messy hair style and minimal makeup, a fun lip color elevates your look without coming across as overdressed. Coreen added one of my favorite colors, “Cali”, a gorgeous coral-red with a glossy finish.

Step Six: Throw on some cool shades and you’re ready to conquer the end of summer!

What's your favorite look at the moment? Message me and let me know!


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