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Essential Tools for your Bridal Makeup Kit

After a decade in this business I have perfected exactly what I need in my beauty arsenal to make every appointment run as seamlessly as possible. Admittedly this was after a good deal of trial and error, and a whole lotta bad purchases.

I’m going to save you that headache and give you a peek at all the goodies in my essential Bridal Makeup Kit for 2020.

Bonus: every single one of these is available to order online, which means you get to stock up on all this great stuff while still rocking your pj pants. Today we’re going to start with the basics - Beauty Tools.

The first thing you need in your Bridal Makeup Kit is (you guessed it!) an actual kit. Something that will stand up to travel, stairs, banging into doors, being tipped over and any other job-related challenges. My recommendation is the ZUCA Pro Artist Case. Is it pricey? Yep. Is it worth the cost? Absolutely no question. I have dragged this bag all over the place for 3 years and it is a workhorse. The quality is awesome, no broken zippers or wheels, and bunches of handy pockets for extras like mirrors and business cards. Plus it comes with a set of stackable, clear storage bags that are perfect for organizing palettes. They hold a ton of supplies and you can label them for easy access. I use these constantly, both on the go and in the salon, and have ordered several extra sets.

So you’ve nabbed yourself this fabulous new bag and are heading to meet a bride at the hotel where she’s getting ready. You walk in and she’s sitting on a sofa that will require you bend down at approximately a 45 degree angle to work on her makeup. Then you see her 8 bridesmaids also waiting to be beautified. And your back starts to ache at the very idea. I did this for too long and my spine paid the price. We are both much happier since purchasing the Tuscany PRO Hairstylist Chair. If bringing your own chair to appointments seems like overkill, trust me: The Tuscany PRO is lightweight, folds for easy storage and comes with a convenient carrying strap. It also offers 2 side trays for when you are short on counter space, a storage pouch and the all-important drink holder. The best part is that this chair brings your client up to the perfect height for hair styling and makeup applications. An absolute must for anyone in the industry who goes on location.

The chair is set up and ready to roll but, ugh, the lighting in here is the worst. No problem, because you were smart enough to invest in the Key Light 2.0 Pro Kit. My friend Candace Miller recommended this light to me and it’s seriously worth every penny. The kit includes the light, along with a bunch of cool accessories and a case to carry everything to wherever you need to go. My favorite part of this product is that it gives an incredibly authentic, bright white light, with zero yellow undertones. It’s functional, flattering and provides a natural glow to every skin type.

It’s almost time to get started on your work, but first a few smaller items that pack a mighty punch AND are super cost-effective. As a Type A I function best when my supplies are organized and can be easily packed/unpacked. These Makeup Brush Holders are one of the most handy, versatile tools I have. They are designed for your brushes, but I use them for all sorts of other storage. Eye shadow crayons, lip gloss, eye liner, anything with that shape fits in these cups perfectly. Love em!

To achieve that perfect, flawless blend I am obsessed with makeup sponges. There’s a popular company out there that sells blender sponges with a pretty hefty price tag. Do yourself a favor and skip that in favor of a set from Beakey. You get 5 super soft blenders in different shades for 8 bucks. What?! And I promise they are fantastic. Like other brands you get these wet so they expand, then use to apply foundation or anything else. They twist a bit to help reach the tighter spots like under eyes and around the nose, and wash out easily with a teeny bit

of soap.

Not sure about you, but even the smallest makeup job can result in a big mess. I find powder dust all over tabletops, smears of lipstick on the back of my hand and flecks on client’s faces. My secret weapon that I never ever leave home without: Baby Wipes. My faves are these Amazon brand ones, since they are fragrance free and ideal for sensitive skin. I seriously use them for every part of a clean up, even wiping down my station, because they are quick, easy

and convenient.

And of course after a full session using cotton rounds, sponges and mascara wands I have quite the pile of garbage. My solution is this foldable, portable, pop-up, water proof trash can. It fits perfectly in a pocket on my Zuca bag, and is easy to grab whenever I need to discard something. It wipes up easily and goes back in my kit for the next appointment.

For my final indispensable item we are going waaaay back and kickin it old school. When you are working on a tight schedule and every minute counts, stopping to check your phone wastes valuable time. There is nothing quicker than glancing at your wrist to make sure you are on track. And there is nothing cooler than a throwback Digital Casio Watch reminiscent of 1980. Treat yo self and grab one of these - your wedding timeline will thank you.

That wraps up my can’t-live-without in tools the essential Bridal Makeup Kit for 2020. I hope you found the recommendations helpful and I’d love to know if you add any to your own collection. 

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be all about some of my favorite, must-have makeup products!

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