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Beautiful Press-Ons by Clutch Nails

Clutch Nails

Oh man do I love getting my nails done! As a professional makeup artist I’ve come to think of having nice nails as part of my uniform- who wants someone applying makeup to their face with nasty, stained nails? Yuck! However, keeping up with the maintenance of having my nails filled and re-polished every 2-3 weeks was becoming not only time consuming but expensive as well. I have my nails taken off at the beginning of this year for these reasons and have been doing them myself which definiley not ideal.I never thought of trying press on nails until I discovered Clutch Nails at IBE LA.

{Photo: Instagram @clutchnailsofficial}

Based out of San Diego, founder Alexandra Tonks has created a gorgeous selection of press on nails that are easy and fast to apply, look just like professional acrylic nails and cost a fraction of the price. Through their website you can shop for nails by length (short, medium, long), by shape (coffin, square, stilleto), by finish (chrome, glossy, matte) or by color.

At the time of writing this I have applied my nails (which literally took my 5 minutes, yasss!) but have not yet removed them. The instructions say to remove the nails you only need to soak your hands in warm soapy water for 20 minutes- no harsh chemicals! The application was very straightforward and easy to follow. The size of the nails are numbered under the tip in the same color as the nail so you can’t see it once they’re applied. The adhesive that is used to apply them dries in seconds! So far I have folded laundry, washed dishes, done some light yard work, a ton of typing and these succers are still going strong!

Founder of Clutch Nails, Alexandra. {Photo: Instagram @alexandra_tonks)

I’m so excited for this product and will definitely share with you how well they stay on while working in the salon. For professionals who work weddings this could be a great product to keep in your kit if you happen to have a bridesmaid who didn’t have a chance to get a manicure before the wedding. Instant upsale and so fast to apply!

How to apply Clutch Nails:

  • Remove old nail polish

  • Clean fingernails with alcohol. This removes oils that could prevent the glue from not adhering properly

  • Gently rough up the surface of the nail using the provided file to create texture for better adhesion

  • Fit the appropriate nail size to each finger and lay them out

  • Apply provided adhesive over entire nail bed one at a time and secure appropriate sized nail by holding it down for 30 seconds. (As I mentioned earlier I only needed to hold mine down for 5 seconds and they were dry.)

  • That’s it!!

Application is a snap! {Photo: Instagram @cataliepurry}

This product is rad because it:

  • Is created and manufactured in San Diego, Ca

  • Is fast and easy to apply

  • Has loads of options for every taste

  • Does not use harsh chemicals for removal

  • Looks just like professional acrylic nails

  • Is only a fraction of the cost of going to a nail salon

  • Offers a monthly subscription through their website

Here are the nails I used! "Black + Boujee." {Photo: Instagram @katierussel)

I hope you enjoyed learning about these fabulous new Indie products! Until next time :)


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