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Sweet Vintage Glam Style: Re-create this look!

As summer comes to a close we wanted to share with you one last classic look that can easily span the seasons. This look with it’s soft waves, vintage pink lips and simple cat-eye is loosely inspired by Hollywood icon Brigitte Bardot and will definitely get you turning some heads.

Find the basic steps to re-create this look below!

Step One: Curl hair with a 1 ½” curling iron (if you have hair that is shorter than your collarbone, use a 1” curling iron.) Section hair into three sections: the back, and the two sides on either side of your part. Start by curling the back, keeping your curling iron HORIZONTAL and curling everything down. As you move on to curling the sides near your face, be sure your curling iron stays horizontal- this is key in creating that vintage wave look and not a beachy wave.

Step Two: Once all of your hair is curled, brush out your curls with a flat boar hair bristle brush. If you haven’t heard of boar hair brushes before I’m sure you’re thinking, “you want me to brush my hair with WHAT?” Stick with me. There are so many benefits to brushing your hair with boar hair bristles. One of the benefits is the texture and shine that it creates in your hair, which is essential for this look. Boar hair bristles leave your hair feeling silky and smooth. The most popular boar hair bristle brush is arguably the Mason Pearson brushes, which can run upwards of $200. You can find other brushes on Amazon for a fraction of the price that work just as great. I like this brush by Beauty by Earth. It has a combination of nylon bristles and boar hair bristles so it’s great for detangling, adding shine and you can use it on wet or dry hair. Also it is under $20. Ok, back to the look…

Step Three: Once your hair is brushed out, lovely and shiny, take a fun hair comb or a bobby pin and pull one side tight behind your ear. This is a timeless silhouette and is so flattering on all face shapes. For our model Coreen I used the Hammered Crescent Hair Comb in gold from Chloe + Isabel. I love the size of this comb and it holds the hair all day really well.

Step Four: Add a cat eye! You can make this step as dramatic or natural as your want. Keep is simple by lining only along your lashes. Or add some flare and add a winged edge to your liner. Either way, you want to be sure to use a black liquid liner to achieve this look. Liquid liners dry down really nicely and last all day without transfering. My favorite liner is Kat Von D’s Tattoo eyeliner- it looks like a classic liquid liner but the pen form makes application a lot easier. This formula also dries very quickly so there is virtually no transfer.

Step Five: Add a vintage-inspired lip color. I chose Vinyl from House of the Rozetree for the lippie to complete this look. The muted pink color has just a touch of lilac to it and is reminiscent of that fun mod lip color women wore a lot in the 60’s and 70’s. The creamy finish of “Vinyl” keeps the look fresh and modern and is a great compliment to the vintage color.

There you have it! Strut your stuff with your sweet, vintage look and share your selfies with me!


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