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The DL on Hair Extensions for your Wedding

To use hair extensions or to not use hair extensions? This is the dilemma so many of my brides face and it is probably one of the questions I get asked the most. Hair extensions are a fabulous option for adding volume and/or length to any hairstyle and these days there are hundreds of brands that make all sorts of different hair extensions: clip-ins, sewn in, beaded, keratin bond, etc. Choosing the right kind for you wedding style can be overwhelming but I have put together a few key points for you on what you should be looking for when purchasing. Here we go...

hair extensions
For this gorgeous bride we added extensions for length and fullness. {Photo:}

For wedding hair styles I highly recommend using CLIP-IN hair extensions. Clip-in extensions are purchased in one or multiple pieces, called wefts. Typically a set of clip-in extensions will come with 3-5 wefts of hair in varying widths to accommodate different placement on the head. The benefit of clip-in extensions is that they are easy to add to the hair, easy to move around without causing damage, are virtually invisible and are easier on the bank account than more permanent options. They are by far the fastest, most affordable way to transform a hairstyle.

Clip-in hair extensions are great for:

  • Adding length to a half-down or all down hairstyle

  • Adding fullness to a half-down or all down hairstyle

  • Adding volume to an up style such as a bun or ponytail

  • Adding fullness and texture to a braided style (just like in the photo below!)

I added extensions to Julia's braid for texture and fullness.

That being said, extensions aren't for everyone. If your hair is too short, too thick, too fine or too fragile, extensions may not compliment your look. Let me break this part down a little more for you:

  • As a general rule, your hair should be chin length or longer in order for the extensions to blend well and for them to be able to be hidden.

  • Additionally, if you have short hair you don’t want to purchase Rapunzel length extensions unless your goal is to have a bridal mullet. To find the correct length of extensions, measure your hair length from scalp to ends. Cut this measurement in half and this is the longest length you can wear while still having your hair look natural when worn down. (If you’re wearing your hair all up having the extensions too long won’t normally be a concern.)

  • If you have extremely thick hair extensions may not be a great choice for you as you would have to purchase a ton of wefts for them to blend into your hair. This could be costly and uncomfortable to wear for your entire wedding day. Plus, there IS such a thing as TOO MUCH HAIR!

  • If your hair hair is extremely fragile or thin, hiding the clips of the extensions and making sure that they are well attached could be challenging.

Extensions aren't just for length! By adding in extensions that are your natural hair length, you can create beautiful fullness in your style! Here is Amber Fillerup Clark with no extensions... {Photo:}

Once you’ve chosen to invest in clip-in hair extensions, there are a few features you want to be sure to look for:

  • Find multicolor extensions, not hair that's one solid shade. Multiple colors in the weft will make the extensions look more natural and will help blend the color with your real hair.

  • ALWAYS choose human hair vs. synthetic hair. I’m going to say this another way: DO NOT BUY SYNTHETIC EXTENSIONS! Not only will human hair last

Here is Amber wearing her BFB Fill-In Extensions that she has created. You can see how much more volume she has in her hair style. {Photo:}

longer than synthetic material but it will look more natural and you can treat it the same as you would the hair on your head. (i.e. blow dry, curl, color, etc.) Synthetic hair will melt if heat tools are applied to it and it just looks bad- don’t do it. Please.

  • Finally, make sure the human hair clip-in extensions you purchase are REMY hair. This means that the hair is picked one strand at a time and the cuticle is all facing in the same direction (just like how it grows out of your head!) It is considered the highest quality of hair, looks the most natural and is ultra soft. It is pricer, but is 100% worth it.

Over the past ten years I have literally styled hundreds of brides, which means I’ve worked with loads of different extension brands. In my opinion, the very best option for brides is the Barefoot Blonde Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions. Aside from being made with ethical, fair trade manufacturing, the BFB seamless extensions are “held together by a silicone adhesive that binds the hair and the clip together.” This means they are 50% thinner at the top of each extension than other brands! This was a game changer for me as a stylist when I discovered this brand! The seamless wefts from BFB lay so flat to the head and look so natural, it’s amazing!  

I used pieces from my BFB Classic set to achieve a fuller look in this fun undo. {Photo:}

Other reasons you should definitely check out BFB if you’re interested in hair extensions for your wedding day are:

  • They offer a “fill-in” option if you only need the extensions to add fullness, not length. These are much less costly than the full set.

  • They also recently launched a new product, BFB Up. This is a one weft clip that has the equivalent of FOUR wefts of hair on it. It is FANTASTIC for up styles because it adds that desired fullness but you don’t have to worry about hiding pesky extension clips.

  • The best part: you can order color swatches for FREE! So cool right?? I love that they started doing this because it takes all the guess work out it!

So there you have it! My two-cents on hair extensions. Are you already an extension-wearer? Let me know how you like to incorporate your extensions into your looks!

I used my BFB Up to create this tousled bun. {Photo:}


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